United Traditional Aikido

"The 'Art of Peace' begins with you."


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Sensei Phil Benge

Welcome to the website of United Traditional Aikido.

United Traditional Aikido is an association of like minded Aikido clubs based in and around North Somerset in the West of England.

The principal aim of United Traditional Aikido is to promote and support the teaching of traditional style Aikido in clubs throughout the UK.


United Traditional Aikido was founded in 2006 and is a Full Member of the 'British Aikido Board' (National Governing Body for Aikido.



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The Campus

Our Aikido clubs are open to both beginners and experienced martial artists of both sexes and all ages.

A full list of our member clubs including details on when and where they train can be found on our Dojos page.

About us

We seek to encourage a spirit of camaraderie amongst our member clubs through a policy of leaving clubs to concentrate their energies on what really matters; the development of all who practice Aikido.

Within the framework of safe and insured practice and that all arts taught are related historically and stylistically to mainstream Aikido. The guiding principle of United Traditional Aikido is to encourage and promote the exchange of knowledge with a wide spectrum of Senior Aikidodas.

Logo of the British Aikido Board

British Aikido

United Traditional Aikido is a Full Member of the British Aikido Board (BAB) and as such are fully committed to the BAB's promotion of safe and properly insured practice of Aikido through the BAB's Coaching and Insurance schemes.


For more information about United Traditional Aikido see our 'about us' page


For more information see our News and Events page.


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Morihei Ueshiba

Translated as "the way of harmonious spirit", Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba as a synthesis of his martial studies, philosophy, and religious beliefs.

Ueshiba's goal was to create a martial art through which a practitioner could achieve the ability to defend himself without injuring his attacker.

Aikido emphasizes joining with an attack and redirecting the attacker's energy, as opposed to meeting force with force, and consists primarily of body throws and joint-locking techniques.

Aikido for kids

Rising Stars Logo

Rising Stars

One of our member clubs, 'Rising Stars Aikido', is dedicated to teaching Aikido to children between the ages of 5 to 12 years of age.

Meeting every Saturday morning the club has proved so popular that it regularly attracts over 70 children.

For more information about Aikido for kids see the parents page of the Rising Stars Aikido website.

Aikido at school

We are currently working with a number of schools and local authorities in providing after-school Aikido classes for children.

These are very popular and give children a chance to participate in a fun activity. The session is relaxed and will help increase their confidence, teach respect, learn to work together, increase in fitness and flexibility as well as having fun.

For more information about Aikido at school see the Aikido at schools page of the Rising Sun Aikido website.


The UTA is pleased to announce that Shokon Aikido Dojo Yoshinkan Aikido Study Group have joined the United Traditional Aikido association. Run by Christopher Gee Sensei, Keiko Shokon members study the Yoshinkan style of aikido and meet twice a week in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset. For more information about the club and contact information please download the club poster.

Contact us

If you would like more information about 'United Traditional Aikido' then please contact Sensei Phil Benge on 07786 513973 or email sensei@unitedtraditionalaikido.org.uk